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11 ways to optimise your Instagram bio 👇🏻

1.Set your profile photo as a logo if you’re a brand OR a high quality photo if you’re the face of the brand! Stand out and be recognisable in feeds and DMs. 2. Set your username as your business name.

How To Make LinkedIn Work For You And Your Business

I’m guilty of focusing on Instagram and Facebook quite heavily as these platforms are typically the most relevant for most of the brands we work with. HOWEVER LinkedIn is 100% a worthy social media platform too and we do use it for some of our B2B clients.

4 Ways To Use Your “Close Friends” List On Instagram As A Biz!

Ever seen this little green circle around a story and wondered what it was?⁠
Well this, dear friends, is Instagram’s “Close Friends” list. It’s designed so that you can choose a select list of followers to show your stories to exclusively.⁠

Looking After Your Mental Health As A Small Business Owner

So throughout the week I’ve been sharing some tips on how I try my best to look after my mental health while doing this business thing. For the record, I am NO experts in this field (and you should DEFINITELY go see one if you feel you need to. It’s really hard but it does help).

6 hashtag tricks i swear by to boost your instagram game!

So you’ve refined and chiseled your content into a masterpiece but it’s just not getting the notice on social you expected? Don’t panic, I am here to help! And just a little tip, even though most of us know of the power social has on spreading your message we often don’t know how to harness it.

The Instagram Algorithm(S) Update

We’ve all heard the constant rumours that the Instagram Algorithm has changed! But, what does this actually mean and how can we use “The Algorithm” to our advantage as business owners? Don’t fret! We’re here to make sure you’re all up to date on what’s going on!