4 Ways To Use Your “Close Friends” List On Instagram As A Biz!⁠

Ever seen this little green circle around a story and wondered what it was?⁠

Well this, dear friends, is Instagram’s “Close Friends” list. It’s designed so that you can choose a select list of followers to show your stories to exclusively.⁠

So, how can you use this handy little feature as a business?
Here are a few cheeky tips:⁠⁠

👭 Communicate exclusively to members of a course, membership or group… This is definitely something that’s going to be utilized for my small business!

👭 Show BTS footage & wins to your Biz Besties, where you can be a little more candid and get honest feedback/responses before launching to your network.⁠

👭 Send exclusive content or promotions to your top followers.⁠

👭 Collaborate with Influencers, for example, you could put a call out for someone who might be available for a campaign and the first one to respond gets the gig.⁠

So, how do I make this close friends list?⁠

And how do I use it?

WELL, when you go to share a story, you’ll notice a lil green button underneath the “Your Story” button at the top of the screen that says “Close Friends”. It’s as simple as that!⁠

Hope you enjoyed this handy little trick.