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December 2, 2016

3 mistakes That I Have Learned From In My Business


Hii Guys!! I have a friend that mentioned today that she was starting to feel like she is failing and she isn’t where she wants to be in her photography business. I thought this would be a perfect blog post for all the other photographers that feel the same way. I mean heck I felt the same way for a while until I figured out what I was doing wrong. The first thing my friend said was that working more on her editing and buying a new lens will make her feel better and hopes that it will help her business get to where she wants it to be. Gear is very important in the photography industry but its not what makes you better. you are the change in your business. I have 3 mistakes that I would love to share. These mistakes have really changed me and how I feel about my business. Realizing that they were mistakes gained my confidence by 100%. I’m so excited to share these mistakes with you today and hope that they change the way you feel about your business like they did for me!

Mistake #1

Stop, I repeat stop comparing yourself to other photographers. everyone has a different style and a different way they shoot. Every time you look at different photographers you think to yourself “Ohh okay so in order to be successful.I need to do A and then another one could be doing B and then another could be doing C”. You as someone who wants to be successful is going to try them all. Be yourself! Find your style and stick with it. It might take a while but that is okay. Once you find your style that works for you, master it!!

Mistake #2

Not having a resource for your clients such as a website, I don’t mean a Facebook page or an Instagram profile. Those work great for advertising as well, but people want to be able to go to a website where they can read about you, hear your story and see your style. I made this mistake and I regret it!! Don’t make this mistake last very long If you don’t have a website. Go get one. Make a free one to start out if you don’t want to invest in a monthly subscription. I highly recommend purchasing a domain name that is your photography name with .com or .net or .co. Use a free template and make it your own. It is a lot easier then you may think. Just post your own words and photos. Bam your done and have a professional website that clients can explore and get to know you!!

Last but not least Mistake # 3

Editing every photo from the same session different and when I say different I don’t mean adding in some black and white photos I mean different unnatural color filters. This screams immature!! If you are wanting to bring in more clients you need to make sure you have a consistent style so your clients will say “Oh so our photos are going to look like that! I highly recommend Lightroom to edit all of your photos in. Its very simple and wont cause a headache since everything is right in front of you. Adobe has a special where you can get the latest editing software’s which are Lightroom and Photoshop for 10 dollars a month. It is so worth it!!



If you are a perfectionist like me. You might be always going over your work because its not perfect. Nobody is perfect. Sure some people get very close but we all have little tacks that if we keep trying to fix we might make it worse or over do it. I know its hard to stop trying to make everything perfect, but trust me when I say this it is ruining your business.

Okay guys those are the 3 mistakes that I made in my business that stopped me from growing into where I want to be. I hope you enjoyed the little bonus I threw in. I just had to. It felt right!! What are some of your mistakes that you made and learned from?

Warm Hugs,

Brittany Shelley




With only the contrast fix and shadows to bring back detail 

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